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A Mission with a Vision:
The Sisters of St. Ann who take their roots from the Founders of the Congregation - Marchioness & Marquis of Barolo, handed over their legacy to Mother Enrichetta, the co-foundress way back in the 18th century, were the visionaries - who wanted to give the world a better society through education.

Walking in their foot steps and carrying out their vision is our mission. They knew that education was the only missile that would enable man to uphold his dignity, fight injustice and demarkate him from the rest of the animal kingdom.

With the changing scenario, our task as educators has become more challenging. Its not just imparting quality education to child but make him/her a responsible, caring, loving well integrated adult. The right combination of intellect and wisdom are essential. Striking the right balance is the prime duty as an educator.

Here every child is taught to compete with herself, rather than competing with others. Every time she succeeds, she adds to her growth. The change is internal, the competition to better oneself as a human being. This equips her to face all challenges with confidence.


St. Ann is the Patroness of our School. She is the model of all mothers and educators. After many long years of waiting, Ann and Joachim were blessed with a beautiful daughter Mary. Mary was chosen to be the mother of Jesus Christ. St. Ann embedded the values of spirituality in her daughter Mary. St. Ann is the Patron saint of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Ann.


The Congregation of the Sisters of St. Ann of Providence was founded in Turin, Italy in 1834 by the Marquis and Marchioness Di Barolo for the education of the children and youth.

The Congregation received the approbation of the church in 1846 from Gregory XVI, then reigning Pontiff.

Led by their venerated Co-foundress Mother Mary Enrichetta Dominici, the Sisters of St.Ann went out to all parts of Italy, into Switzerland then to India and from India to U.S.A.

It was on 3rd March 1871 that the first six Sisters of St. Ann started their work in Secunderabad then in Bolarum in 1876.

From here they spread out in the vast state of Andhra Pradesh and gradually to other parts of India to continue their mission as instruments of Providence for the downtrodden and marginalized.


The Logo of our School represents ‘Integrity’.

Children are taught what it is to be a person of integrity.

Integrity helps a person to be honest, moral and stand for things that are right. The 4 flowers in the logo represent the 4 houses of the School namely Daffodils, Shamrocks, Lotus and Roses.



Students of St. Ann's School, happy as can be
To our Alma Mater loyal we will be,
Always at our duty, busy as can be
He will give to us the victory.


Hearts and hands together to work in unity
Faithful to our motto of high integrity
May the Good Lord bless our Sisters, teachers dear,
Guide us and direct us here.

Knowledge do we gain here and morals too we learn
Ever pressing onward, back we never turn
In the sunshine of God's smile onward day by day
Ever grateful to our School always

This our good and dear School
To it we'll loyal be
Neath its kindly portals
Reign peace and charity
Rallying round our patron
in love and unity we will cherish her fond memory


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